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Tip Back a Pint of Guinness at Donohue’s Bar and Grill

Since 1998, Donohue’s Bar and Grill has been a pub staple in Watertown, which means it’s a perfect spot to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day! The eatery serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you have three opportunities every day to enjoy traditional Irish food and drinks.   If you’re celebrating early, grab the traditional Irish breakfast complete with eggs,…

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Russo’s: A One-Stop Shop for Groceries Near Watertown Mews

If you've been spending your quarantine perfecting your at-home cooking skills, you’re going to love Russo’s. Reminiscent of a city market you’d find in other countries, you’ll find rows and rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as vendors like a butcher and cheese shop, florist, and bakery. It’s a one-stop-shop for fresh, gourmet ingredients…

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Find Valentine’s Day Sweets at The Danish Pastry House in Watertown

Whether you’re celebrating solo, with a galentine, or with a sweet someone, a trip to The Danish Pastry House is in order this Valentine's Day! Start your Feb. 14 with pastries and end it with sweets, because then you won’t have to decide what to order—just get a little bit of everything.  Favorite morning pastries include the cinnamon brioche…

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