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Ease Into Your Weekend at Gentle Morning Hatha Yoga on September 10th - Watertown Mews Blog

Ease Into Your Weekend at Gentle Morning Hatha Yoga on September 10th

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Yoga boasts restorative benefits regardless of the setting in which it’s practiced, but there’s nothing quite like flowing through gentle poses in the great outdoors. It brings an extra mood-boosting element to the practice, which is why the beautiful Carolyn Lynch Gardens on Hanover Street set the perfect stage for Gentle Morning Hatha Yoga.

This free community class on September 10th is led by Eleonora, a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor with 500-plus hours of experience. She has a background in theater and yoga for trauma, so her slow-flowing classes are totally unique and open to everyone. There’s no need to have any prior experience or even a yoga mat. Eleonora’s free community classes move at a slow pace designed to bring calming and healing while gently building heat, as opposed to providing a physical challenge for athletes only. She also has a few yoga mats and props on hand for anyone who doesn’t have their own. Although the class is free, you’re encouraged to RSVP online so Eleonora knows how many students to expect—but drop-ins are accepted if you decide to come last minute! The class begins at 10:30 a.m.

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