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Celebrating the Season at Watertown Mews.

Thanksgiving is a tapestry woven with history and heartfelt appreciation. Back in 1620, the Pilgrims forged a connection with the Wampanoag tribe, sharing farming and trade wisdom, and emphasizing the reciprocal relationship with nature and gratitude. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving…

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Goblins, Ghouls, and Goofballs Embracing Halloween at Watertown Mews

It’s ooky, it’s spooky, it’s just a little kooky, it’s the crème brúlée before turkey day- it’s Halloween! Hold on to your broomsticks, because Watertown Mews wants you to have a fang-tastic howl-iday. October 31st is sure to brew up a cauldron of spooktacular fun that will leave you cackling with delight.    Hi, Barbie!…

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Embracing Hope, Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Watertown Mews

For nearly four decades, the nation has marked October as a significant milestone – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Watertown Mews, we proudly stand side by side with our community to honor this important month. It's a time that resonates deeply with all of us, as we amplify our voices in solidarity with those…

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Days to Remember in September for Watertown Mews Community

Each September hosts meaningful days to remember and honor our country. This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 4th. The holiday always takes place on the first Monday of September. In addition, this month, Watertown Mews remembers 9/11 while honoring the memories of those we lost.    Before it was a federal holiday, Labor…

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Getting Back to School With Watertown Mews

It is unfortunately not the most wonderful time of the year because it is officially back-to-school season. Watertown Mews wants everyone to be prepared for another great school year and squeeze out any summer fun left!    First and foremost, let’s get outside and enjoy the summer weather, in any way you can! Anything from…

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Watertown Mews History and Celebration of July 4th

The United States Independence Day is annually celebrated on the fourth of July. A federal holiday in the US since 1941 but the history and tradition of the celebration goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution.    It was July 2nd, 1776 when the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence. Two…

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