Find Valentine’s Day Sweets at The Danish Pastry House in Watertown

  |     |   Watertown Mews

Whether you’re celebrating solo, with a galentine, or with a sweet someone, a trip to The Danish Pastry House is in order this Valentine's Day! Start your Feb. 14 with pastries and end it with sweets, because then you won’t have to decide what to order—just get a little bit of everything. 

Favorite morning pastries include the cinnamon brioche bread with brown sugar and pastry cream, the poppyseed danish with almond remonce filling, and of course, all the danishes and croissants! For dessert, grab floderbolles, which are almond macaroons topped high with vanilla bean meringue and drizzled with dark chocolate, as well as a rum log with buttercream and chocolate, and sweet potato cakes, which are a little misleading in title because they’re actually pastry shells filled with cream and strawberries. 

Right now, all orders are curbside pickup only, so peruse the menu online and grab your order that morning or the day before to be prepared for an epic breakfast spread and dessert later in the day!

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