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Russo’s: A One-Stop Shop for Groceries Near Watertown Mews

Russo’s: A One-Stop Shop for Groceries Near Watertown Mews

  |     |   Watertown Mews

If you've been spending your quarantine perfecting your at-home cooking skills, you’re going to love Russo’s. Reminiscent of a city market you’d find in other countries, you’ll find rows and rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as vendors like a butcher and cheese shop, florist, and bakery.

It’s a one-stop-shop for fresh, gourmet ingredients that will help you craft the perfect meal at home. The idea for the market was born from one family’s farming history and the desire to cultivate relationships and opportunities for farmers in the region. They’ve since grown and now source the highest quality product from both regionally and across the globe. 

If you’re a cheese lover, their selection is unparalleled as they offer over 500 kinds of cheese from around the world. The cheeses are perfectly complemented by prosciutto or salami imported from Italy and the fresh-baked bread which is made daily—you’ll be able to craft the most epic cheese plate in town to start your meal. Depending on the season you’ll find all sorts of fresh veggies and fruits to whip up dinner and dessert!  Even better? They offer free delivery and curbside pickup if you aren’t comfortable with visiting the market quite yet. 

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