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National Holidays and Celebrations in April

While Earth Day is an important April holiday, April 22nd doesn’t exactly host parties and celebrations. But, no matter! This month find your new favorite holiday, create your own, or even celebrate another holiday just for the fun of this April!  April 1st is of course April Fools’ Day! A day to celebrate silliness and…

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Style at Watertown Mews

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, it's time to start planning how to celebrate in style at Watertown Mews. From classic Irish dishes to festive crafts, there are so many ways to get into the spirit of the day. For a traditional St. Patrick's Day celebration, why not host a dinner party with…

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Winter Workouts

With colder weather and less daylight, you may think all you want is to stay indoors under a blanket instead of working out. Instead, our bodies are actually craving different forms of movement and exercise.  Getting your body moving is important all year long and could possibly be more beneficial in the colder months. Because…

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It’s more than eating turkey, watching football, and taking naps!

Thanksgiving is a national United States holiday that takes place every third Thursday of November, this year on November 24th. The first Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn feast. Then, for more than two centuries, Thanksgiving was celebrated on different days by the US colonies and…

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