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Winter Workouts

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With colder weather and less daylight, you may think all you want is to stay indoors under a blanket instead of working out. Instead, our bodies are actually craving different forms of movement and exercise. 

Getting your body moving is important all year long and could possibly be more beneficial in the colder months. Because working work can be so beneficial to your mental health and boost your mood. 

If you are still trying to work out outdoors, cardio will be your new best friend. Walking, jogging, and running are always good ideas. Then you could also go ice-skating, sledding, snowboarding, or skiing. Get yourself doing something fun that you can only do in the wintertime. 

Then, indoor exercise could be adjusted a bit, too. If you go to the gym with a pool, swimming is the perfect cardio and is known as one of the best sports for a long and healthy life. This is also the ideal time to focus on your stretching and mobility. Practices like pilates and yoga can assist in increasing your flexibility since you are more likely to be spending more time sitting and laying down while the temperature is low. 

If any of our incredible Watertown Mews residents have any other ideas on how to work out or how to stay motivated during these chilly months, we would love to hear from you! 

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