Flavor Boom! Crafts Inventive Dishes Inspired by Asia and the Mediterranean

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Flavor Boom! bridges the gap between slow cooking and fast food with its one-of-a-kind approach to Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. While its food is fresh and carefully crafted, the restaurant is current takeout only—which means its chefs are pros at creating high-quality cuisine quickly.

Although it’s relatively new on the dining scene, Flavor Boom! already has a legion of loyal fans, and they highlight a few of their favorite dishes. The “boomin’ beef Rendang” is at the top of the list. The Indonesian dish has racked up the rave reviews time and time again for its super tender beef and peas slowly cooked in coconut milk with cardamom and Rendang paste. However, the red-glaze pork comes in a close second. Served over rice, the juicy pork shoulder is braised slowly in seasoned soy sauce for a distinct umami flavor. Each of the unique and delicious entrees comes in an individual portion or a size that’s big enough to share, so feel free to get double and split it with your significant other or a friend for a fun night in.

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