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Let Watertown Florist Shop Craft Your Bouquet - Watertown Mews Blog

Let Watertown Florist Shop Craft Your Bouquet

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In times like these, it’s more important than ever to support small local businesses. So why not impress by ordering a bouquet from the family-owned Watertown Florist Shop? Its staff is working tirelessly to create stunning floral arrangements using the blooms available this season.

Of course, its collection of bouquets has a heavy emphasis on the classic red rose. You can’t go wrong with a dozen long-stemmed roses in a clear glass vase with sprays of white flowers tucked artfully in between. Take the classic bouquet to new heights by ordering the Pitcher Perfect. It comes with a stunning 18 red roses all overflowing from a golden pitcher, making it a perfect statement piece for a flashy sense of style. Of course, if you’re not interested in the traditional types of arrangements, Watertown Florist Shop can design you something brand new, incorporating other seasonal flowers in any hues you so choose. Check out the online store to see everything they’ve already designed or give the shop a call to personalize a posy for your significant other.

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