Don’t Miss the Yuzu Espresso at O’Some Cafe, Now Open in Watertown

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Watertown Square’s newest coffee shop, O’Some Cafe, is still creating waves a few months later with its cool vibe and tasty beverages. If you haven’t been yet, it’s time to get on it!
The shop is locally owned and operated by Ricci Cheng, a culinary graduate from Johnson & Wales and a Chinese immigrant who came here from Hong Kong to attend university. During her years attending school, Cheng worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston News Cafe, and Cupcake City, which sparked her passion for coffee and pastries. Opening this tiny, cozy cafe has allowed her to turn that passion into a career and realize her American dream.
Since Cheng is the only employee still as she grows, the options are limited but delicious. The cappuccinos are some of the best in town, and each arrives with a beautiful adornment of foam art. Her favorite drink is the yuzu espresso, which gives her a taste of come, combining espresso with yuzu soda. She also bakes up yuzu pound cake and chocolate chip cookies on the regular, which everyone loves. Support this new entrepreneur with a tasty treat today!

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