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Trader Joe’s Is Conveniently Located Near Watertown Mews - Watertown Mews Blog

Trader Joe’s Is Conveniently Located Near Watertown Mews

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Cans of sparkling green tea infused with fresh pineapple juice. Vegan chocolate ice cream cones crafted using coconut milk. Everything and the Elote Greek-style yogurt dip. You never know exactly what you’ll find at Trader Joe’s—and that’s really half of the fun. The grocery store has earned a cult following thanks to its quirky and unexpected store-brand products, which change on a regular basis, especially with changing seasons.

But the best thing about Trader Joe’s is that these specialty products are in addition to high-quality staples, not in place of them like a gourmet grocery store. The market also stocks organic produce, prepared foods, pantry staples, and an array of dairy and frozen foods. So you’ll be able to find everything you need to make a specific recipe or meal—and much more. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to swing by the frozen foods aisle. The shelves above the freezers are notorious for showcasing some of the best treats in the store, like Trader Joe’s iconic cookie butter and dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

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