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Paddle Boston: See Our City From a Whole New Perspective - Watertown Mews Blog

Paddle Boston: See Our City From a Whole New Perspective

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Looking for something fun to do outside this summer? Paddle Boston’s Waltham outpost has you covered. It offers rentals of kayaks, canoes, and standup paddleboards along a gentle portion of the river with very little current—which is probably why boaters have been enjoying it for more than a century.

Pick your chosen watercraft, grab a life vest, and set out to explore the gently ebbing waters. The first stretch of the Charles River that you’ll encounter is flat and wide, surrounded by abundant flora and fauna such as turtles, herons, and even otters. As you paddle along upstream, you’ll pass the Waltham Watch Factory, a historic local spot, before hitting the Lakes District portion of your journey. Here, expect small bays beckoning with their tree-lined shores and critter-filled waters. It will take about three miles until you come upon the Auburndale Boathouse, which used to be a police station, and the Leo J. Martin Golf Course. This is a good spot to do an about-face and let the current carry you back to where you launched. After coming ashore, walk to one of the many eateries open on nearby Moody Street for dinner. 

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