Pups Can Roam and Romp at Watertown Dog Park

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Dog parks are often synonymous with mud pits, but not Watertown Dog Park! It’s been a long, cold winter, and your dog probably could really use the exercise and the fresh air. And so could you! The full top half of the normally dirt-covered park has been covered in gravel, so you don’t have to pack your boots just to get your four-legged best friend some exercise. Watertown Dog Park features a spacious, fenced area for you pup to play, along with plenty of shade, a few benches, and the oh-so-important waste cans to keep the area tidy. Bring your dog to socialize a bit, or meet other fellow canine enthusiasts in your area.

Find Watertown Dog Park on Bacon Street (the perfect name, right?) just off of Pleasant Street. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash when exiting and entering, and visit the Yelp page for a few brief rules on occupancy. There is no running water supply or waste baggies at Watertown Dog Park, so bring your own!

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