Now Open Near Watertown Mews: Fastachi, an Artisanal Nut Shop

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Far too few people truly appreciate the humble nut. Almonds and cashews, peanuts and pecans, hazelnuts & walnuts—there’s a nut (or legume) for every occasion. 

Nut lovers are sure to rejoice, then, when they learn of Fastachi, an artisanal roasted nut shop that’s expanded from its Boston roots to right here in Watertown. At Fastachi, you can dream up new takes on your favorite varieties of nuts, surrounded by dried, roasted, or mixed nuts of all shapes and sizes. Replicate a beloved family recipe or dream up an entirely new dish—you’ll find your nuttiest, more nutrient-packed ingredients right here. 

Whether you’re putting together the perfect almond truffle, DIY-ing a creamy nut butter, or crafting a crunchy brittle to keep the holiday spirit going a little while longer, Fastachi has got you covered. Here, you’ll find folks you know, appreciate, and even love nuts, and all they can do, as much as you do. 

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