Treat Your Pet to a Grooming Appointment at the Waltham Petco

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You love your pet. Your “fur baby” is undoubtedly part of the family! What you likely don’t love, though, is cleaning up after them, especially their fur. Sweeping floors, vacuuming rugs, and lint-rolling your clothes and furniture are all aspects of pet ownership that we begrudgingly keep up with in exchange for our pets’ unconditional love.

One of the best ways to minimize the effort required is to have your pet groomed regularly by a professional, like those at Petco. Of course, it’s important to brush their fur and perform other upkeep between appointments. But high-quality grooming every few months (depending on your breed) can help to reduce excess shedding, and cut down on the time you spend cleaning up Fluffy’s hair. Professional grooming even has health benefits such as detecting parasites like fleas and ticks.

Petco can help you care for your pets beyond your regular grooming appointments, too. Pick up all your pet essentials online or in-store, from food, toys, and litter to brushes for upkeep between grooms. Or, sign up for a dog training class to prove that you really can teach an old dog (or a new puppy) new tricks. Whatever your pet needs, Petco will help you get it.

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