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Valentine’s Day at Watertown Mews in Watertown, MA.

“Fly, Dove! Sing, Sparrow! Gimme Cupid’s Famous Arrow! Gimme, Gimme That Thing Called Love!” That’s right Watertown, MA, love is in full bloom here at Watertown Mews! As we all know, February is a month all about love! And, what’s not to love? Celebrating the emotion and feeling of love; the fantastic color scheme; and…

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Mardi Gras Across the USA and at Watertown Mews.

Mardi Gras, a celebration rooted in pagan festivities, has evolved into a global phenomenon. While New Orleans takes center stage, our exploration transcends boundaries. Join us in discovering the vibrant Mardi Gras celebrations across the USA. Originating in Rome, Mardi Gras became intertwined with Christianity, marking the prelude to Lent. In 1699, French explorers brought…

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